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Learning a Second Language Boost Toddlers' Brain Function - 

To check out this article by The Huffington Post reporting on one of the many benefits of language learning for children.

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Spanish web sites for at home reinforcement at home







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Beginner Chinese Lessons for reinforcement at home


  1. Chinese Tones Lesson - Video slide & Mp3 Audio
  2. Greetings in Chinese Lesson - Video slide & Mp3 Audio
  3. Eating out, Restaurant lesson - Video slide and Mp3 Audio
  4. Family members lesson - Video slide and Mp3 Audio
  5. Shopping lesson - Video slide and Mp3 Audio
  6. Jobs lesson - Video slide and Mp3 Audio
  7. Time, Telling the Time lesson - Video slide and Mp3 Audio
  8. Transportation / Getting Around -Video slide & Mp3 Audio
  9. Directions/ Asking the Way lesson - Video slide and Mp3 Audio
  10. Weather Talk lesson - Video slide and Mp3 Audio

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French theme activities site for reinforcement at home


To purchase French songs you can go to :




In the News: 

  • STUDY: A joint Study conducted by Canadian Universities Concordia and York found that benefits of bilingualism emerge earlier than reported in previous research, stating that Toddlers who learn a second language from infancy have an edge over their unilingual peers. "Exposing toddlers to a second language early in their development provides a bilingual advantage that enhances attention control."
  • BABYCLASSROOM.COM is a good resource and has an article discussing babies learning a 2nd language
  • SCIENCE DAILY: This article details the connection between learning new vocabulary and visual stimulus
  • EDUCATION WEEK: A report on "No Child Left Behind" and single language abilities in children (article)